Nobody plans for having a fire in their home or business. Fires can be the result of negligence and human error, or even as a result of natural disaster or chance. Regardless of how a fire starts in your home, it will leave behind a wake of damages to your personal belongings, as well as the structure of your home or business.  

When disaster strikes, it is important to react quickly — and what better way to do so than to get in touch with our team of smoke damage restoration specialists. Our team is experienced and has all of the tools to quickly, and effectively, remediate the smoke damage in your home or business so that you can get your life back to normal faster. In today’s blog post we are going to begin speaking about the smoke remediation aspect of our emergency restoration services, as well as why it is so important that you act quickly to remediate and remove the damages.

First Things First: What Is Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage refers to the residue that is left behind in your home or business from the fire that tore through it. Smoke is a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot — but depending on the where the fire was in your home, and what it burned, it could also contain a number of harmful chemicals. Smoke damage commonly found on the outermost areas of the locations that the fire burned. For example, if the fire is isolated and only burns halfway up the wall of your home or business, the smoke damage would likely accrue on the upper parts of the wall or on the ceiling. If your property experienced a fire of a larger magnitude, you might expect to see smoke damage accumulate on the outside of the building around places that vented the fire like doors and windows.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Well, smoke is dangerous — so it only makes sense that the soot that it leaves behind is too. As you likely know, it is not good to inhale the smoke from a campfire, even though it is simply carbon, but it is exponentially more dangerous to inhale smoke from a building fire — or to even come in contact with its soot. Soot and smoke from building fires contain a number of harmful chemicals that might vary in degree of hazard depending on the type of building that has burned. Items like foams, insulation, carpet, synthetic fabrics and plastics are all common household items that can exponentially increase the dangers of smoke damage.

But what are some of the dangerous chemicals that can be found in smoke damage?

Asbestos – You have probably heard the radio commercials “If you have come in contact with asbestos as a result of (blank), and developed symptoms,  you might be entitled to a cash settlement”. Why do these commercials exist? To put it simply, asbestos causes cancer, and can be found in a number of buildings that were constructed between the 50s and 80s.

Halocarbons, Hydrogen Chloride, Chloromethane, & More – These dangerous compounds can be produced as a result of burning PVC pipe, a commonly used piping source.

Formaldehyde, Acrolein, Ketones, & More – All of these dangerous compounds can be produced in a building fire of any time. The combustion of hydrocarbons can cause the release and development of many harmful chemicals.

*Even wood smoke is bad for your health*

It Is Essential To Remediate The Damages Quickly

As a smoke damage restoration company we cannot stress enough the need to contact emergency restoration services company like us at AG Restoration, Inc. right away. Prolonged exposure to the carcinogens and chemicals that are associated with smoke damage can lead to long-term health issues, including cancer. If your home or business has had a fire and as a result has smoke damages, it is imperative that you contact us for a smoke damage cleanup estimate right away.

Once you contact us and we provide you with an estimate, you can expect our experienced team of smoke remediation specialists to quickly, and efficiently, come to your home and clean up the smoke damage so that you can get your home life or business life back up and running. Smoke damage can cause serious long-term health issues — let us make sure that doesn’t happen.

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