Having your basement or main level flooded is uncommon in many places in the United States, but in others, it can be quite common. Flooding can occur for many reasons, but it is usually triggered by a weather event like a heavy rainfall or a tropical storm. While it may make sense to worry about flooding if you live in the coastal regions of the country, most people don’t worry about the possibility of flooding — but they should. Regardless of if you live in Florida, Kansas, Colorado, or even here in Illinois, everyone is at risk of experiencing a flood — some are just at less of a risk than others.  In fact, all 50 states have experienced at least one flood in the last five years. If your home is flooded as a result of an extreme weather event, it is likely that there will be some damages to account for. Luckily, AG Restoration Inc., your source for water damage restoration in Chicago, is here for you in the event of a flood.

In today’s blog post we are briefly going to discuss the flood damage repair process, as well as the importance of making sure that it is done correctly.

First Things First: Contact AG Restoration Inc.

What do you do when your basement becomes flooded as a result of flooding? Well, in all honesty, you are likely to feel a crushing weight of anxiety on your chest — after all, your basement did just become an in-home pool. While it may take you a minute to collect yourself, once you have it is time to contact us and fill us in on the predicament that you find yourself in. Next, we will send a flood damage restoration specialist to your home to quote your restoration. Once the initial walk through has occurred, it is time for our experienced team of emergency restoration services providers to get started on reclaiming your basement from the flood.

It is extremely important that you contact us right away for our flood damage restoration services, because the longer that the pooling water is in your home, the greater the damages will be.

Step Two: Water Removal

Before our team of water damage, repair specialists can even begin to think about starting repairs, all of the water must be removed from the room. Some rooms, basements especially, cannot naturally drain, meaning that the water removal must be done manually. In the past, buckets were used to move the water from inside the house to another location, but luckily, with modern-day technology, we don’t have to work quite so hard. Instead, our flood damage repair specialists will utilize pump and hose systems to pump the water out of your home. Once the water has been removed from your home, our team can begin their restoration services.

Step Three: Drying & Dehumidifying

Arguably the most important step, the room must be completely dried out before more work is conducted. While it may seem counterintuitive to spend valuable time drying out a room, it is important that mold does not develop and create further damages and financial burdens. By dehumidifying the air and the surfaces in the room(s) where the damages were inflicted, we can ensure that mold will not develop. If mold has already developed in the room, don’t fret, as we are also mold remediation specialists.

Step Four: Cleaning

While the flood water is gone and the room has been dried out, our job is still not done. Your home was just full of water, and what does bacteria like more than anything else? Moisture. To ensure that no dangerous bacteria develops as a result of your home being flooded, our water damage clean up crew will sanitize the affected surfaces in the room. Once the room has been properly sanitized, we can move forward with the actual restorations.

Step Five: Restoration

Sometimes people ask us what restoration is, and to be honest, sometimes we have a hard time responding. Restoration can be described generally, as it is always a little different. All floods are different, all homes are different, and all damages are different, meaning that every time we do a job — it’s different. The only way that we can generally describe what we do is that we do anything and everything to get your home back to the state it was prior to the storm.  

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If your home has been damaged, or currently is damaged as a result of flooding, don’t hesitate to contact us here at AG Restoration Inc., your source of water damage restoration in Chicago, as well as areas of the United States affected by natural disasters. Additionally, we offer other restoration services including water leak damage restoration, storm damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation. We look forward to helping you reclaim, and restore your home.

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