1. Wind Damage Restoration In Chicago

    Whether you believe Chicago to be called the “windy city” because of the frigid breeze that comes off of Lake Superior, or because of the popular theory that it refers to the politicians that reside here and are full of “hot air,” wind damages are a real issue that people deal with from time…Read More

  2. Smoke Damage Restoration: Why It’s Important

    Nobody plans for having a fire in their home or business. Fires can be the result of negligence and human error, or even as a result of natural disaster or chance. Regardless of how a fire starts in your home, it will leave behind a wake of damages to your personal belongings, as well as the structu…Read More

  3. The Flood Damage Restoration Process

    Having your basement or main level flooded is uncommon in many places in the United States, but in others, it can be quite common. Flooding can occur for many reasons, but it is usually triggered by a weather event like a heavy rainfall or a tropical storm. While it may make sense to worry about flo…Read More

  4. Welcome To The AG Restoration, Inc. Blog

    Welcome To The AG Restoration, Inc. Blog

    Hello, and welcome to the AG Restoration, Inc. blog. We are a restoration company based out of Chicago, Illinois that takes pride in restoring people’s homes and businesses to their former state after natural disasters and utility malfunctions. Tune in to future blog posts to learn more about rela…Read More